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“I am one of those customers who knows exactly what she wants and I like to be clear about this when I require a service, especially when it’s to do with my car. My father was a mechanic for 50 years and he taught me a fair amount, so I know when I am being taken for a ride so to speak or overcharged. Within 5 minutes of entering Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith and talking to the mechanics, I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. This gave me the confidence to leave my car for repair without checking another auto repair shop for a second opinion or quote. I was so pleased with the results that I can’t recommend Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith enough to all of my friends in Citrus Heights – including my father’s!”. Davina Roswell

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“I’ve heard terrible things about 24 hour locksmiths in general.  One especially memorable story involved a teenager (that’s how my uncle described him) turning up to the house at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, 2 hours after the call-out and then requesting to borrow tools to complete the job! Thankfully, Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith are as far away from this poor reputation as you can get. Professional, skilled, experienced and always equipped with the right tools for the job! Joan Maclaury

“Wow, such wonderful work on my car last Tuesday. Thank you so much for getting the job done quickly as requested, without compromising on quality or finish. I will definitely be using you again. Big thumbs up to Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith Colin Askew

“My new locks are even more secure than before and I can sleep peacefully for the first time since the break-in. Many thanks to Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith for making my house feel like a home again.” Amanda Issahoff

“I really care about the effects of car emissions on the environment, so I make sure to have my van’s smog test done only by someone I trust – Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith of Citrus Heights. As soon as I felt that my car was having trouble braking, I took it in for a brake repair at Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith. I know I can depend on them to do a great job, without ripping me off. My husband called to tell me that he had a horrible day, including losing the keys to our family car. By the time he came home, I was able to surprise him with a set of duplicate keys that I had made at Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith. I was so embarrassed that I locked my keys in the car and was stranded in the middle of the mall parking lot at closing time. I called a friend who recommended Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith. Their emergency locksmith service arrived quickly, opened my car, and allowed me to drive home. I only trust Do It Right Auto Care & Locksmith to provide me with locksmith services for both my home and my commercial office. They are professional, reliable, quick, and reasonably priced.” Marsha Badalian

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