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Attractions in Citrus Heights

Sacramento Brewing Company’s Oasis Citrus Heights, California:

One of the famous places in Citrus Heights is Sacramento Brewing Company’s Oasis. It is completely inspired by the Egyptian culture which makes the dining experience very deeply rich in culture of Egypt and while sitting here on can feel that he is in oasis of Egypt. This restaurant has now become an award winning entity of the Citrus Heights.

Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights:

This is one of the most famous malls of Citrus Heights which includes a parking area which can accommodate more than 7000 cars at a time and also the biggest chain of stores in the whole Citrus Heights whose number has now reached to 110. There are also present gift outlets of International as well as local brands from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones.

McGee’s Grill:

This is another site of attraction in Citrus Heights. They provide you with a good assortment of delicious foods including the barbecue and starters. The take away facility is also available in addition to dine in. They arrange very often some theme nights and special packages to the customers at dinner and lunch. There are also present televisions in the main lounge to prevent you from getting bored.

Birdcage Centre:

It is an attraction in Citrus Heights worth watching. The landscape of this place is mind blowing. If you visit Citrus Heights then your visit to Birdcage Center is must. It is situated very near to the Sunrise Mall so having a direct and nearest approach from there. Interesting thing about this mall is that it has been recently renovated and the present landscaping and decoration is entirely unique and latest.

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